Web Audio Creator Script

Web Audio Creator Script

Who else wants to super-charge their web site into a fully-fledged marketing sales-conversion force by adding audio to their web site within minutes?

Instant Audio Creator allows you to instantly add audio to your web site with no special skills required

It's really as basic as it gets:

* Streaming Audio allows you to easily explain your products and services without taxing your customers
* Streaming Audio differentiates you from your competitors and gives you an extra marketing edge
* Streaming Audio is an affordable way to connect to visitors
* Streaming Audio builds instant credibility
* Streaming Audio helps you turn website visitors into buying customers
* Streaming Audio increases online sales!

It's that simple!

* Your visitors are presented with a high quality control flash button that produces high quality professional sounding streaming audio files
* No need to buy expensive equipment - simply record using your computer’s internal microphone and the programs you already have on it to record your audio message.
* No calling in by phone! (and pay high phone charges)
* No paying each time your record a new file!
* Download all source files if you want!
* Let your customers hear your presentations without having to download special programs. Instant Audio Creator only needs Macromedia Flash, which is installed on most computers. You can reach a huge audience without asking them to go offsite to load some special software or plug ins, thereby risking losing the sale
* Let your customers hear personal testimonials. Nothing can create instant credibility and sales conversion more than hearing real people share sharing positive experiences about your product or service. Just upload customer testimonials in just minutes, put them on your web site and watch the sales roll in!





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