Aurora Web Editor 2008 Professional v3.1.0.0 TE


Make your website look professional using the included templates
and over 100 royalty-free graphics and photos!

The Aurora Web Editor is 2 Editors in 1!

The Visual Editor: Create websites quickly and easily - just like
when you use a word processor! Unlike some other Web site
creation software, you don't need to learn to code HTML! The
visual editing environment (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You
Get) displays your website the way it will look once online.
Adding text, pictures and links is a breeze. You can even drag
items around the screen to resize and position them exactly how
you want.

The Code Editor: For those Web developers who prefer to code
webpages manually, the Aurora Web Editor offers a rich HTML
coding environment.

Runs on: Windows Vista, XP, Media Center, 2000

For More Info on Aurora Web Editor 2008 Professional Visit:

Install SetupAuroraWebEditor.exe. After installation use the
following fished information for registration:

Registration name: Twisted EndZ
Registration code: 4804-3026-1913-6384



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