PHPCow News Publishing System

PHPCow News Publishing System

PHPCow 2.1 Script (Alike, and Clone script)

Create your online magazine, newspaper, TV/Radio or news portals. It works also as a Content Management System that is easy to install and manage without having to FTP upload your pages every time you need to update it.

Have you wanted to design and publish your own site with the ease of just point and click, but you never understood how to achieve this?
Well PHPCow is just the ticket for you!

PHPCow Key Features
Advanced WYSIWYG Editor
Customizable Category Template
Block System for greater design flexibility
RSS Exporter for content syndication
Unlimited Category-Subcategory
Built In CMS For Site Pages
Built In Dynamic Menu Builder
Built In Polls Module
Easy Software Upgrades
Easy Installation
Web-based Admin Panel
Customizable Site Design
Authoring System
Unlimited Template
Template Backup/Restore
Template Export/Import
RSS importer for content



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