Fonts design Collection 2008

Fonts design Collection 2008

838 Designers Fonts Collection 2008
The collection of commercial fonts in the number of 842 pieces.
There is both support Cyrillic, and without.

Sports Font Pack - 50 fonts
Pixel Font Pack - 127 fonts
Lovely Font Pack - 38 fonts
Handwritten Font Pack - 197 fonts
Foreign Look Font Pack - 206 fonts
Fire & Ice Font Pack - 18 fonts
Farsi Font Pack - 86 fonts
Christmas Font Pack - 46 fonts
Arabic Font Pack - 74 fonts

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650 eBay Auction Templates

650 eBay Auction Templates

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144 Photorealistic Icons

144 Photorealistic Icons

Photorealistic Png Icons
144 PHOTOREALISTIC PNG ICONS ll Rs.com ll 128x128

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No Password!


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Viral Inviter NULLED 100% Working

Viral Inviter NULLED 100% Working

The first ever Viral “Tell-A-Friend” Software that makes old-fashioned “Tell-A-Friend” scripts obsolete.

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Compare Viral Inviter below. I honestly stand for the fact that we built the most sophisticated, stable and feature-rich friend-invitation tool on the planet. This time... take my word for it! And ask our excisting customers about this: In the last 4 weeks alone, we added so many features and improvements, that no other script could keep up with our speed of implementation.

Active Demo:
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with user testuser and pw moon123. go to my account and then click the link click here to invite some friends

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Agriya Volume - Music Portal Script

Agriya Volume - Music Portal Script

The struggle to get your music exposed and make fame is over! Volume is the newest music portal software for bands, record labels and music lovers to spread their music and get exposure online. The software boosts an extensive list of features like Sharing mp3 songs, publish albums, popularity charts, sharing music videos, member section and so much more to please your audience and keep your fans up to date. Launch your own music platform and get instant exposure with the Volume software for only $349.95
MP3 Downloads
Your acts can upload their music in MP3 format to let their fans listen to it online or download it to their computers. There is even the option for the bands to sell their MP3’s and for you to make some commission on top of that!
Music Charts
Show your users who’s hot with the weekly chart that lists the top bands by number of downloads. The charts are a great way for people to discover new music as new entries are added each week.
Artist Pages
Each artist or band gets their own page that they can customize and add content to. This page acts as the hub for their online promotions and they can post upcoming gigs, list their songs to be downloaded and get feedback from all their fans.
Social Networking
Build your community with the built in social networking tools. Your users can make friends, send one another messages, upload photos and discover new people with the same musical tastes as them.
Music Videos
What music portal would be complete without letting your users watch music videos? Of course we wouldn’t overlook this, and Volume has a whole video module developed to let your users watch videos straight from your site - it even has the option to import videos from YouTube.
Admin Area
This easy to use admin area makes managing your website a breeze. All functions can be controlled from the admin area, from the members to the music downloads. Everything has been presented in a truly logical way.



* Admin URL: http://www.soupirata.net - Administration
* ID: admin
* PASS: agriya

* User URL: Index page
* ID: demo
* PASS: agriya123



password: world-scripts.com


* Admin URL: http://products.agriya.com/volume/demo/administrator
* ID: admin
* PASS: agriya

* User URL: http://products.agriya.com/volume/demo/
* ID: demo
* PASS: agriya123


DivShare File - volume.rar












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