838 Designers Fonts Collection

838 Designers Fonts Collection

* arabic font pack (76 fonts)
* christmas font pack (45 fonts)
* farsi font pack (86 fonts)
* fire-ice font pack (18 fonts)
* foreign look font pack (200 fonts)
* hand writting font pack (200 fonts)
* lovely font pack (38 fonts)
* pixel font pack (126 fonts)
* sports font pack (49 fonts)




Collection of 1400 PNG Icons

Collection of 1400 PNG Icons

This is a collection of 1400 Beautiful PNG Icons for you to use.

Included resolutions are: 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512.

Download it from here:


Ultimate Graphic Pack

Ultimate Graphic Pack

Need More Graphics For Your Sales Pages?
Brand New From ECoverFX - The 98 Meg Graphic Pack!
All images are perfectly legal to use on your websites, sales pages, auction pages, within your headers, ebook and software box covers, anywhere you like! Within reason of course, I mean you're not going to be able to use a Windows or Linux image as YOUR actual LOGO, that's common sense I would hope. But you CAN use them to signify that your new software works on a Windows or Linux platform.
For those of you who are still wondering about the "windows" and other logo images, have you ever seen those professional software boxes with a "windows or linux" image on there that lets you know that the software is compliant with that operating system? How about websites that do this same type of thing? They are not using the images as their own PERSONAL LOGOS of course, they are only using them to show "compliancy" with a certain Operating System, Chip, or software program.
And come on now, how many web pages do you see with credit cards on them to signify which credit cards are accepted?
Ever wonder where people GET those images for their websites and software boxes? Well, I found the source for these legal images, and I'm not telling where I found it! If you have any reservations about using the images in this package - then please - save us both a hassle and just don't buy it.
Who can use these images, and what can they be used for?
*Website builders can use these images on websites and direct sales pages.
*Programmers can size the images down and use them in software programs they create.
*Graphic Designers can use the images within their website designs, on box covers, ebook covers, and other designs.
*Auction posters can use the images on their auction pages.
*Forum builders can resize the smiley images for example and use them as "emoticons" for the forum.
*Resellers can make a lot of sales and cash reselling this package! Just consider how "viral" the illegal package was! It still pops up on the net today, sold by people who don't realize the images are not legal.
*I'm sure there are many more areas that these images will come in handy that I haven't even thought of yet!



Vbulltetin 3.7.1 Pre-Mod version 1

Vbulltetin 3.7.1 Pre-Mod version 1

Here it is folks, what you have all been waiting for, the pre mod version of 3.7.1.

Installed mods

ibparcade pro
Reputation Displayed As Numbers
Extended Reputation Display
Cyb - ChatBox v2.0
Post Thankyou Hack 7.6
Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics 5.8.1
Usergroup Color Bar Legend
Image Resizer
Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate Guests to Register
Who has read a Thread
Members who have visited today
Automatic tags
Ban Users From a Thread
Invitation System vB 3.7
Popular Members (Number of views)
Display members who have registered
Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'
Miserable Users
Members who have posted Today
Cyb - Auto Reply
Cyb - PayPal Donate
Enhanced Image Captcha - Stop bots from signing up!
vBTubePRO - Lite Version 1.0.4 Updated and FIXED

How to install

Upload the contents to your root directory, create a database and then import the sql file into your new databse. Edit the config.php file to your database details and your done!



Rar Pass - vb-planet.com


Shutter Stock Newest Vectors

Shutter Stock Newest Vectors

They are all True Vectors all in EPS Format. Use Illustrator or Photoshop (illustrator recommended)



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24 Photoshop Actions from Panosfx

24 Photoshop Actions from Panosfx

Set of 24 Photoshop Actions with caps. From panosfx

Download 3.1MB




My best Photoshop works by now

My best Photoshop works by now



All My Photoshop Brushes

All my Photoshop Brushes



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Car Loan Rate

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Free Quotes from Auto Insurance Companies

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Second Mortgage

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PHP Melody 1.4 (Patched) + Theme

PHP Melody 1.4 (Patched) + Theme

PHP Melody is an unconventional PHP & MySQL application that offers you the chance to own a full-scale video website with all the bells and whistles of a specialized site. Its community-like features allows you to really grow a music orientated community of your own.

PHP Melody 1.4 is a great success for us and only a few bugs were found to date. I want to thank all those that helped us find those bugs and I'm also very thankful for all the great feedback we've received. This small patch will fix all existing bugs and consequentially bring PHP Melody to version 1.4.1.

PHP Melody 1.4 was just released this morning and it is a huge milestone in the product's evolution. We fixed all existing bugs and also added new and significant features. Among them, PHP Melody 1.4 has: advanced SEO friendly URLs, improved search, sub-categories, ads manager, UTF-8 compatibility, and many more.



Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox

Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox

Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox is a set of Dreamweaver server behaviors and commands for creating dynamic web applications using PHP, Adobe ColdFusion®, and ASP VBScript server scripting technologies. This Dreamweaver extension helps web developers create membership-based websites, portals, blogs, and image galleries, as well as content management systems, CRM back-ends, and other web-based solutions without requiring advanced programming knowledge.

Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox | 15.51 MB


No Pass..


LifeInsure.com: The Online Source For Life Insurance

LifeInsure.com is an online company to help you find the best life insurance to fit your situation. On this web site you can get an instant comparison of highly rated life insurance companies to compare for yourself at your office or home. The company was started and is run by experienced insurance executives who have directly or indirectly worked with thousands of individuals just like you.

LifeInsure.com have services include:
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GoMedia Vectors' Packs (all the sets), 1097 vectors

GoMedia Vectors' Packs (all the sets), 1097 vectors









All In One file:


More than Clone Scripts Never Published Before

More than Clone Scripts Never Published Before

Download link :


Updated ! facebook.com clone :


Updated ! adquick.co.uk clone :


Updated ! hotornot.com clone :


Updated ! xlice.net clone :


Updated ! yahoo answers clone :


Updated ! digg.com clone :



Buying Indoor Light Fixtures at ShopWiki.com

ShopWiki.com provides online shopping which it finds every store on the internet by crawling like Google. Unlike traditional shopping sites, ShopWiki will give a shopper everything, they can find anything and everything for sale on the web at ShopWiki.com. Traditional shopping sites will only show you stores that have PAID for placement. You may use search tool at this site to quickly find item for example home decor like indoor light fixtures. If you find this item you will get many categories of indoor light fixtures.

There are many categories of indoor light fixtures that show on display result such as Ceiling Fixtures, Wall Fixtures, Recessed Lighting, etc. If you want to buy one of indoor light fixtures like Ceiling Fixtures click at the link and now you will bringing into display result which get more products from more stores along with its price. You can see many model of Ceiling Fixtures with each explanation and where shop to buy with that price. It very simple and you will get lowest price from store that you choose.

In this display result you can customize search result by narrow the price result or you may shop by brand. Next you can find the lowest price with sort result by price low to high. It easy for you and make you happy. cheer!!!


vPet Engine - Virtual Pet Game Script [Nulled]

vPet Engine - Virtual Pet Game Script [Nulled]

vPet Engine is a virtual pet game script.

You can build your own virtual pet site like neoPets.com.

General Features:

-Login & logout area
(Login and Logout here, nothing special

-Adoption Center
(When people drop their vpet, you can adopt them here

(Players save their game money to earn interest)

-Items Shop
(Players buy foods, magic items, etc...)

-Fountain of Health
(Here you can heal your pets and cost you nothing)

-Notice Board
(Players or admin can leave their comment or official notice here)
-Penny store
(Buy items for one penny)

-Free Food
(Get free food here)

-Message Board
(Chat with other players here)

-Post Office
(Check messages from other players or admin)

(Player can create their own club and talk with their members)

-Auction Center
(Player can create their own auction here)

-News Center
(Latest news from admin)

User Features:

-Users can post items for auction

-User can create their own items gallery

-User can create their own club

-Users can add buddies as friends

-Users can manage their items thru items helper

-Users can store their items in their own safe

-Users can schedule their own jobs such as feeding

-Users can create their own shop to sell items

-Users save money in the bank to earn interest

-Users can talk to each others thru forum

Game Center Features:

-Snake Eyes

-Lottery Center

-Random numbers

-Drop Box

-Referral Contest

-Daily Item


-Random points

-The Price is right

-Search for Pets

-Fish for Pets

-Battle Center



Admin Features:

-Site Management
Add news and headlines
Edit game settings like 'Game Name', 'Logo', etc
Automate system tasks like shop stocks filling, referral contest, daily lotto, etc.
Customize Skin and Pages

-Forum Management
Add/Delete Category

-Pets Management
Add/Edit pet
Add pet outlook
Change pet name

-Mini Game Management
Search for Pets
Fish for Pets
Trivia Game
Daily Item Lotto
Daily 3 4 5
Penny Play
Referral Contest

-Game Management
Add/Edit enemy
Add attack

-Shops Management
Add/Edit/Delete official shop
Shops stock filling
Shops Logs

-Items Management
Add/Edit/Delete Items
Add/Edit Starter Items Kit

-Events Management
Point give away event
Cheap items event
Rare items event
Talking event

-Members Management
Assign police
Assign moderator
Suspend users
View users
IP search by maxarab.com
View authority
Add/Reduce points
Add/Reduce discount
Add/Reduce Item
Add/Remove tokens
Add/Reduce bank interest

-Extra Pages Management
Add/Edit/Delete/View Pages

demo :

Download :


Amazing Pencil Art Collection

Amazing Pencil Art Collection

25 Jpeg | 4.10 MB | VA Res




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