vPet Engine - Virtual Pet Game Script [Nulled]

vPet Engine - Virtual Pet Game Script [Nulled]

vPet Engine is a virtual pet game script.

You can build your own virtual pet site like neoPets.com.

General Features:

-Login & logout area
(Login and Logout here, nothing special

-Adoption Center
(When people drop their vpet, you can adopt them here

(Players save their game money to earn interest)

-Items Shop
(Players buy foods, magic items, etc...)

-Fountain of Health
(Here you can heal your pets and cost you nothing)

-Notice Board
(Players or admin can leave their comment or official notice here)
-Penny store
(Buy items for one penny)

-Free Food
(Get free food here)

-Message Board
(Chat with other players here)

-Post Office
(Check messages from other players or admin)

(Player can create their own club and talk with their members)

-Auction Center
(Player can create their own auction here)

-News Center
(Latest news from admin)

User Features:

-Users can post items for auction

-User can create their own items gallery

-User can create their own club

-Users can add buddies as friends

-Users can manage their items thru items helper

-Users can store their items in their own safe

-Users can schedule their own jobs such as feeding

-Users can create their own shop to sell items

-Users save money in the bank to earn interest

-Users can talk to each others thru forum

Game Center Features:

-Snake Eyes

-Lottery Center

-Random numbers

-Drop Box

-Referral Contest

-Daily Item


-Random points

-The Price is right

-Search for Pets

-Fish for Pets

-Battle Center



Admin Features:

-Site Management
Add news and headlines
Edit game settings like 'Game Name', 'Logo', etc
Automate system tasks like shop stocks filling, referral contest, daily lotto, etc.
Customize Skin and Pages

-Forum Management
Add/Delete Category

-Pets Management
Add/Edit pet
Add pet outlook
Change pet name

-Mini Game Management
Search for Pets
Fish for Pets
Trivia Game
Daily Item Lotto
Daily 3 4 5
Penny Play
Referral Contest

-Game Management
Add/Edit enemy
Add attack

-Shops Management
Add/Edit/Delete official shop
Shops stock filling
Shops Logs

-Items Management
Add/Edit/Delete Items
Add/Edit Starter Items Kit

-Events Management
Point give away event
Cheap items event
Rare items event
Talking event

-Members Management
Assign police
Assign moderator
Suspend users
View users
IP search by maxarab.com
View authority
Add/Reduce points
Add/Reduce discount
Add/Reduce Item
Add/Remove tokens
Add/Reduce bank interest

-Extra Pages Management
Add/Edit/Delete/View Pages

demo :

Download :


Anonymous said...

This is a bad script with very bad support that is pretty much non existent.

To find out what this type of product and the creators are like, simply type in PHPLUG or VPET into google and see how many problems people have had buying this script.

They claim to offer FREE Lifetime support but this is total rubbish. Ive been waiting over 3 months and still no reply to my support tickets.

The script is also full of bugs and errors. Not good!

Unless you are a PHP/MYSQL/HTML coder then I wouldnt advise. This script has no support document so you are on your own once you purchased it.

Very good at PRE-sales questions though!

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