Vbulltetin 3.7.1 Pre-Mod version 1

Vbulltetin 3.7.1 Pre-Mod version 1

Here it is folks, what you have all been waiting for, the pre mod version of 3.7.1.

Installed mods

ibparcade pro
Reputation Displayed As Numbers
Extended Reputation Display
Cyb - ChatBox v2.0
Post Thankyou Hack 7.6
Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics 5.8.1
Usergroup Color Bar Legend
Image Resizer
Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate Guests to Register
Who has read a Thread
Members who have visited today
Automatic tags
Ban Users From a Thread
Invitation System vB 3.7
Popular Members (Number of views)
Display members who have registered
Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'
Miserable Users
Members who have posted Today
Cyb - Auto Reply
Cyb - PayPal Donate
Enhanced Image Captcha - Stop bots from signing up!
vBTubePRO - Lite Version 1.0.4 Updated and FIXED

How to install

Upload the contents to your root directory, create a database and then import the sql file into your new databse. Edit the config.php file to your database details and your done!



Rar Pass - vb-planet.com


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