Watch Moments of Football through Carlsberg web-tv

Most of people enjoy football as favourite sport in the whole world. Football give great expectation that make people feel happy even only as the fans. The expectation for their favourite club or player to get victory over their opposite. Many moments of football game can be watch Online via Internet. Carlsberg well known as big sponsor sports honours the fans and their passion for the ultimate game by launching Carlsberg web-tv have 5 channels about football and fan life. They offer fans a place to hang out while they wait – a place entirely focused on their passion for football and dedicated to fans from all over the world, who can gather and share their glorious victories, proud defeats, and epic moments. This web tv contain more than 200 videos to be watched and the number will grow on a continuously basis. If you register on as member you can create profiles and upload your own videos about being, thinking and living as a supporter. So, go get it to rate, share and comment at


birthstones said...

I like football, thanks for the info

birthstones said...

i like football

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