Fonts Collection (Over 55,000 ttf Fonts)

Fonts Collection (Over 55,000 ttf Fonts)

Folders are very clean and organized. No duplicates, all renamed to original names, all non ttf & open type fonts removed (to another category folder), all trash gone. The alphabetized folders hold about 40,000 nice clean font files.
There is a dingbat folder but you will still find quite a few dingbat fonts in the alphabetized folders too, I haven't gone through each font (!) to remove all of 'em. You will find a few Open Type fonts in A & B, I started removing them to their own folder after uploading those two letters.
I'm beginning with all "other" categories and the A, B & C fonts. I'll edit this to include the other letters as I get 'em cleaned up and ready to upload.
Enjoy these!

CaseyFonts.Holidays.rar includes Easter, Patriotic, Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Fonts.

CaseyFonts.Dings.rar includes about 2,000 DingBat Fonts.

CaseyFonts.Various1.rar includes Upside Down & Backwards Fonts and Handwriting Fonts as well as Foreign Fonts and Irish Fonts.

CaseyFonts.Various2.rar includes BTN, Disney & Looney Tunes, DJ, GE, Hallmark, ICG, Identikal and LHF Fonts.

CaseyFonts.Various3.rar includes LMS, Nick Curtis, Robert Schenk, Scrap and SF (Shy) Fonts.

CaseyFonts.Various4.rar includes Numbered, Adobe, Movies & TV and Farsi Fonts.

CaseyFonts.Various5.rar includes Pixel, Sports, pf, 2Peas, nonTTF and Bodoni Fonts.

A Fonts - over 4,700 fonts, 300 MB on disk.

B Fonts - over 7,200 fonts, 465 MB on disk.

C Fonts - About 7,500 fonts, nearly 500 MB on disk.

CK Fonts - 525 CK Fonts

D Fonts - 4582 fonts, 310 MB on disk, 146 MB DownLoad


Angie said...

Please please PLEASE re-upload these, I am desperate for all the fonts and the links do not work!

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