Adult Script V1.5

Adult Script V1.5

AdultScript is a fully featured video script content managment system built completely with revenue in mind. Unlike our competition we offer extremely well ad spots in our default design. If you think you can find a better adult script, with better support, try it!!

v1.0 – v1.5 Changes

* New Design
* AVI Support
* .MOV Support
* .MPG Support
* All embed's moved to embed folder to allow easier access of adding more extensions.
* Ratio System
* The abilty to choose from free plugs,paid plugs, or ratio plugs via admin.
* SEO Friendly URLs - (mod rewrite) with the ability to turn it on and off in the admin.
* Moved the template files to templates folder
* Stats section in the admin.
* Users who visit your site will now be ableto submit a link exchange and you will be ableto approve or deny it in admin.
* Plus a lot of little other fixes, tweaks, and other things to help clean up the code, etc.



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